We’re so happy to announce that GLA International Foundation will be hosting the first annual Global Day of Service on April 4, 2020 in San Diego, California.

Our aim is to bring awareness to the Foundation as well as come together in solidarity with other GLA alumni and staff across the globe to participate in a day of community service together! This is a great opportunity to meet with other alumni, learn more about GLA, or log a few volunteer hours domestically.

San Diego Festivities

The day kicks off with our Capstone Community Service Project. GLA is adopting a local beach for a whole year as part of our commitment to keeping our coasts pristine–join us for beach cleanup and unveiling!

At 5:00pm, attendees are encouraged to join us for an incredible Capstone Ceremony. This two-hour event will feature keynote speaker and GLA Founder Fred Swaniker, recently named to the Time 100 list of the Most Influential People of 2019.

Other highlights of the night include a beehive building activity to provide an economically beneficial source of income to families across the US/Mexico border, local non-profits and information on other opportunities for sustainable travel and volunteering, guest speakers and a chance to mingle with the GLA team, alumni and other changemakers.

To RSVP, click here!

Join Us From Afar

Can’t make it to the Global Day of Service event in San Diego? You can still join us in an act of solidarity by contributing community service hours from anywhere in the world.

You can pledge to complete a community service project as your way of participating. Submit your pledge between November 1 and March 1 using our online form on this page (SEE BELOW). Any service project counts toward your pledged hours. You’re encouraged to invite your friends and family to participate, too!

At the Closing Ceremony on April 4th, we’ll tally all of the community service hours completed and honor all participants, near and far, for their commitment to giving back.

Our Gamechanger of the Year will also be honored at the event, flown out to San Diego at no expense and awarded a monetary scholarship. Anyone who pledges community service hours during the eligibility window will be nominated for this honor and potentially be chosen as the recipient.

To pledge service hours, click here! 

Q. I want to share this as a Facebook fundraiser. Why won’t it let me?

A. It’s in the works! GLAIF is in the process of becoming a verified nonprofit on Facebook. You can still donate through our website or by clicking the “Find out more” button on our Facebook page if you wish to share on Facebook.


Q. I loved the organization I worked with last summer, but I don’t see them as an option. Why aren’t they listed?

A. While all of GLA’s service projects and sites are vetted, not all of our local projects are through organizations that are officially registered as nonprofit in their host countries. The good news is that we are adding new projects all the time, as many long-standing partners have begun to seek certification. For now, we recommend choosing a similar project that is in line with your passions! For example, if you loved helping out at a government school in India, donate to a project in Tanzania or Ghana.


Q. I want to start a fundraiser for physical goods, like backpacks or toothbrushes, to send to the community I was in last summer. How can I make sure they make it to the right place?

A. Unfortunately, this is a bit tricky. In our experience, mail often does not make it to its final destination in many of the countries in which we operate. Often, the cost to get these items through customs is greater than the value of the items themselves. This is why we recommend fundraising for cash donations. These funds can be transferred without cost to the correct person in-country, and can be used for what is most pressing at the time of receipt. Even small amounts help!


Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

A. Absolutely. GLAIF is a certified 501C3 organization. If you need proof of donation and did not get a confirmation, please email us at info@experiencegla.com for a receipt.


Q. I tried to make a donation and keep getting a “processing” message. What’s up with that?

A. Our apologies! Our system can be slow at times. If you’re not sure if your donation went through, you can either check the transaction history of your credit card or email us at info@experiencegla.com to confirm.



The GLA International Foundation was created as a way for GLA alumni to continue to give year-round support to the projects and organizations that they worked with closely in country. However, many of our former students have gone the extra mile and created their very own nonprofit organizations. Some directly fund the schools or NGOs that they got to know on their GLA program; others were so inspired by these groups that they joined larger movements. We’re very proud to share the endeavours of these young change makers!

Do you know of a GLA alum who has since formed a nonprofit of their own? We want to hear about it! Please reach out to us at info@glaif.org.


Kutoa Pamoja Foundation

Related To: Tanzania: Children’s Education Adventure (formerly Heart & Soul of Africa)

Alumni Founders: Anna Paskalides, Derek Ng, Maxton Preuninger, Maya Matheny, Ryan Silverstein, Allie Rosen, Brielle Biggins, Katie Shanahan, Anita Moreno, Kristin Berry, Jacob Hamaker, Andrea Vejar, Abby Buzza, Caleb Alebachew, Matthew Michelini, Isabella Kemp

Website: www.kutoapamoja.org/

About: This organization was founded by a group of GLA Ghana alumni with a mission to provide continued assistance to the Tunleeni Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania. After spending time at the orphanage on their 2018 summer program, their experience in the village left “an imprint on (their) hearts” and they have been fundraising to benefit the orphanage ever since.

Donations go toward food, supplies, and resources (ie. firewood, gas, soap, etc) in order to provide proper care to the children who live there.