Africa Projects

Supporting Sanitation & Community Health in Ghana

Themes: Public Health, Education

Related GLA Program: Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™

Grant Recipient: Dream Big Ghana

Building eco compost toilets for use in rural fishing communities is an effort whose benefit to local health is twofold: beyond helping to improve sanitation, they also generate a high quality fertilizer that enhances crop yields. This, combined with efforts in education and athletics, serves as a multifaceted approach to supporting the health and well-being of Dzita-Agbladomi and surrounding communities.

Asia Projects

Contributing to Community Needs and Sustainability in Fiji

Themes: Community Development, Environmental Conservation

Related GLA Program: Fiji: Empowering Island Communities™

Grant Recipient: Vinaka Fiji

Securing a fresh water supply for all 27 villages in this region is a goal achievable only through sustainable development and local education. Projects vary from building water catchment systems to introducing drought-resistant crops and implementing local water management committees.

Improving the Lives of Wild and Captive Asian Elephants in Thailand and Myanmar

Themes: Animal Conservation, Environmental Stewardship

Related GLA Programs: Thailand: The Elephant Conservation Project™, Thailand: The Elephant Village Initiative™

Grant Recipient: NAKA Elephant Foundation

NAKA Elephant Foundation is a Thailand-based organization with goals to rally public awareness and action toward the threats facing Asian wild and captive elephants today. The Foundation supports carefully selected projects and grassroots organizations with both funding and technical help, and connects groups across the continent to mobilize programs that improve the quality of life for wild and captive elephants in all range states.

NAKA’s team includes a global network of experts who link with field workers across Asia to provide continual funding and education of mahouts and tourism operators. They believe in the importance of fostering healthy and sustainable interaction between human and elephant populations, by respecting the traditional culture of elephant use in Asia, but infusing it with modern ethics and values.

Providing Bali’s Children with Education and a Sustainable Home

Themes: Children's Issues, Education, Community Development

Related GLA Program: Bali: Land of Discovery™

Grant Recipient: Narayan Seva Children’s Home

An organization run solely on donations and tireless volunteer energy, Narayan Seva was founded in 2004 as a school for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Today, Narayan Seva continues to operate, now as a combined education center and children’s home, housing and educating over 85 children and providing them with food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.

Many Balinese families survive on a low income of only $15 a month, preventing them from being able to provide these basics. Narayan Seva also infuses the children’s lives with ways to enhance personal development and practice spiritual well-being, through meditation, yoga practice, leading sustainable lifestyles and participating in the Home’s community activities.

Latin America Projects

Building Sustainable Communities in the Dominican Republic

Themes: Public Health, Environmental Conservation

Related GLA Programs: Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™Dominican Republic: Global Health Initiative™

Grant Recipient: 7 Elements

The Dominican Republic faces fundamental challenges that require unique solutions. In communities where residents spend 90% of their income on food, aquaponic food production systems provide a means for producing large amounts of organic food, at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of traditional farming. Local bateys also suffer from a severe lack of clean drinking water, so providing access to clean water filters through community distribution can dramatically improve public health and sanitation. These are just a few of the incredible projects 7 Elements tackles with support from the Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation.

Promoting Literacy and Student Success at Belize’s Primary Schools

Themes: Education, Community Development

Related GLA Program: Belize: The Initiative for Children

Grant Recipient: Global Service Partnerships Foundation

Basic school supplies and required supplementary fees to send children to school are financially out of the reach of most Belizean families. Global Service Partnerships Foundation (GSP) is an organization based in Belize that works directly with school principals, educators, families and village leaders to improve access to education. GSP strives to sustainably address challenges in learning and literacy, both inside and outside the classroom.

Shifting to Ecological Farming in the Costa Rican Cloud Forest

Themes: Community Development, Environmental Conservation

Related GLA Program: Costa Rica: Spanish Service Adventure

Grant Recipient: Green Communities

Transitioning small coffee farms from conventional to ecological production leads to mitigation of local health issues, protection of the environment and long-term economic benefits to growers and their communities. Ecological farms focus on maintaining a harmonious relationship between food production and the environment.