Promoting Literacy and Student Success at Belize’s Primary Schools

Themes: Education, Community Development

Related GLA Program: Belize: The Initiative for Children

Grant Recipient: Global Service Partnerships Foundation

Basic school supplies and required supplementary fees to send children to school are financially out of the reach of most Belizean families. Global Service Partnerships Foundation (GSP) is an organization based in Belize that works directly with school principals, educators, families and village leaders to improve access to education. GSP strives to sustainably address challenges in learning and literacy, both inside and outside the classroom.


1. Funds raised would be used to fund supplies, programs and educational tools for English language and literacy development in Belize.

2. Global Service Partners Foundation (GSP) works directly with the rural Belize community to address the roots of educational challenges, and design solutions that address direct student and teacher needs.

3. Unlike the rest of Central America, the official language of Belize is English. However, nearly seven languages are also widely spoken, including Spanish, Mayan, Kriol and Garifuna, making English the second or third language most children learn. This poses a real challenge for Belize’s educational system. GSP’s efforts aim to build English literacy and fluency at a young age, so students remain motivated to continue their schooling.

Additional Information

Kelli Soll founded Global Service Partnerships (GSP) in 2012 after discovering her passion for the people of Belize and for lifelong learning. Along with running the organization year-round, she serves as the International Director of GLA’s summer service-learning program Belize: The Initiative for Children. Kelli connects volunteers like GLA students with schools that GSP supports, so that volunteers can help foster a love for education among youth in rural classrooms. Groups like GLA help GSP by staffing literacy-focused summer camps for Belize’s children, ensuring that they still have access to learning opportunities while school is no longer in session.

GSP stresses that sustainability is at the core of their efforts to expand educational opportunities for Belize’s children. The organization strives to address the roots of educational challenges, and cultivate relationships directly with school and village leaders.