Fostering Community and Health Education Through Sports in South Africa

Themes: Medicine & Public Health, Education, Community Development

Related GLA Programs: South Africa: Global Health Initiative

Grant Recipient: Sportstec International Development Agency

Sportstec operates with the mission of bringing about social change through sports. Founded in 2006, Sportstec has partnered with governmental and private organizations alike (including Nike and Unicef) to promote using sport as a vehicle to address positive youth development, physical education, sportsmanship, life skills, and coach/teacher education, as well as assist with the systemic growth of sport development structures around South Africa.

Donations go to sporting equipment replacement and upkeep (such as soccer nets and balls, uniforms, and outreach) and to Sportstec’s after school program, helping to provide homework help, guest speakers, and life skills materials such as sanitary pads and HIV testing.



-Sportstec's "Homeground Initiative" has partnered with the South African government and UNICEF to provide broad-based support to local primary & secondary schools to enable the educational and personal development of children and young people in isolated communities.

-The organization funds programs throughout all of South Africa's regions in communities that need extra support.

-Sporting events bring the community together, give youth something to work toward, and teaches teamwork and life skills that carry over into other areas of life.

Additional Information

The core elements of Sportstec are threefold: The Early Childhood Development center (ECD) provides childcare and educational opportunities for preschool aged children to prepare them for their first form al year of school. An after-school program enables access to homework help, tutoring, and life skills for school-aged children. Finally, the sports extension program, available to children of all ages, supports physical education and community togetherness through sporting events at local schools.