Supporting Sanitation & Community Health in Ghana

Themes: Public Health, Education

Related GLA Program: Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™

Grant Recipient: Dream Big Ghana

Building eco compost toilets for use in rural fishing communities is an effort whose benefit to local health is twofold: beyond helping to improve sanitation, they also generate a high quality fertilizer that enhances crop yields. This, combined with efforts in education and athletics, serves as a multifaceted approach to supporting the health and well-being of Dzita-Agbladomi and surrounding communities.


1. These villages, located in the Volta region of Ghana, are home to 10,000 residents

2. A majority of people here live below the UN poverty baseline (set at $1.25 a day)

3. Each facility built serves about 25 people, so with 50 toilets completed so far, 1,250 lives have been improved

Additional Information

Dougal, nicknamed “Tigo” by his Ghanaian neighbors, is originally from the U.K., but has been living and working in Ghana for over six years, gradually establishing the NGO Dream Big Ghana in partnership with local village communities.

Dougal fell in love with the Ghanaian way of life and people as a volunteer soccer coach in Dzita and Agbledomi, rural fishing and farming villages. However, shocked by the poverty that some of his friends lived in, Dougal sought the help of community leaders to identify needs and propose practical solutions.

Dream Big Ghana now focuses on giving support in the three areas: sanitation, education and youth sports development. One of their major projects, building eco compost toilets, has benefited the health of hundreds of local people.