Improving Lives of Orphaned Children in India

Themes: Children & Community Development

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Grant Recipient: Aashray Care Home

The Aashray Care Home was established in 2006 for children affected by HIV and AIDS. Their mission is to advocate for social inclusion of HIV infected and affected children and their participation in all major national flagship programs.

Currently, Aashray houses 60 children between the ages of 5 and 18. This initiative is supported by dedicated staff members and several individual volunteers and organizations. Aashray provides counseling to both children and family members, healthy meals, supplemental education, life skills, and support and guidance toward responsible and independent adulthood.


*Aashray has provided care to 65 children over their 13 years of existence

*HIV/AIDS is highly stigmatized in India, resulting in a low incidence of testing and treatment; as a result, it is not uncommon for children to be orphaned due to the death of both parents from the virus.

*35% of children of HIV-infected adults are denied basic amenities such as proper nutrition due to this stigma; many in India view HIV/AIDS as a death-sentence (Wikipedia)

Additional Information

Aashray Care Home was founded by Positive Women Network of Rajasthan Society in 2006 by women who were widowed as a result of or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Initially, there were only few children and a lack of community support. Gradually, local support increased, and with it Aashray was able to expand to provide care and services to over 60 children. Presently, the organization is running two orphanages in Jaipur, India and also running two homes for HIV patients under Global Fund to fight TB, HIV and Malaria.

Aashray cares for children ages 3 - 18 who have been displaced due to HIV/AIDS status in two separate facilities, one for each gender. In addition to providing basic necessities and education, Aashray plans to expand to provide temporary housing to residents after their eighteenth birthday, to assist in the transition to independence.