Improving & Supplementing Education in Tanzania

Themes: Education, Community Development

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Grant Recipient: Uweza Foundation

Uweza Foundation was started by Uweza, aka Esther “Mama” Simba, GLA’s local partner in Tanzania. Its mission is to provide supplemental resources that will enrich and enhance teaching, learning and provide health services to students and adult people in the community hence contributing to build an educated and healthy community and future leaders who are strong, educated and able citizens of Tanzania who are ready to serve globally.

Donations go toward the refurbishment of classrooms in four different local primary schools, as well as providing teaching supplies and resources. They may also go toward providing medical supplies to the local hospital and necessities to Tuleeni Orphan’s Home.



* Donations go toward classroom and infrastructure refurbishment at Moshi, Patandi, Akeri, Matoli, Mnini, and Rau Primary Schools

Additional Information

For many years the founding members of The Uweza Foundation have witnessed, with great concern, the challenges young Tanzanian men and women encounter in the effort to reach their goals. Mama Simba started supporting people far back in 1977 (about 42 years ago) from the little she was making as a primary school teacher in Tanzania. As need in the local community expanded, she turned to her network around the globe to join hands in loving, supporting and caring for those in need.

Many lifelong challenges begin in primary and secondary educational settings, where classrooms are poorly constructed or have deteriorated. Student’s desks and cement floors are often in need of repair or build new floors, blackboards need to be resurfaced or rebuilt so the writing on them is legible, even from the back of the room; bathrooms need to be built and some need better drainage, and sanitation for both teachers and students is often non-existent. The physical condition of our schools is therefore not optimal for learning. Schools often lack the most basic educational resources: books, paper and pencils, libraries, even classrooms, play grounds. Student-teacher ratios are often unmanageably high, making instruction a challenge and individual attention impossible. It is not uncommon for even the most dedicated teachers in primary and secondary schools to lack the educational background to provide accurate and up to date subject matter, so that they can teach the useful, marketable skills that are crucial to students' future success. Beyond educational concerns, there is also a lack of capital to support young men and women in Income Generating Activities (IGAS), and a general lack of financial support for maintaining physical and mental health.

For many years, the founding members of Uweza Foundation have relied upon their own resources to support these causes by extending various kinds of assistance, such as advisory services, financial assistance to pay for tuition, food, cloth, transport, purchase uniforms, sport gear, field expenses, or even basic accommodations. Due to the continuous increase in demand for resources, it has become apparent that it is no longer possible for the founders to meet all the needs of the community. It is from this ground that the founders wished to create and registered UWEZA FOUNDATION to funding from local or foreign sources, and direct it to various well-designed sustainable programs that are suitable to overcome the limitations described above.