Providing Housing & Hope for Ghanaian Children in Need

Themes: Children & Community Development

Related GLA Program: Ghana: Children of Africa™ Flagship

Grant Recipient: Father’s House Ghana

Father’s House Ghana was founded by Jeff Miller and Matt Garrett. The two friends were inspired to create Father’s House after an eye-opening visit to Ghana where they witnessed children as young as 4 being forced into modern day slavery, by coercion or under the false promise of “learning a trade.”

Miller and Garrett were determined to do something and created Father’s House Ghana, which now functions as a community outreach center and long-term holistic care facility for children rescued from slavery and exploitation.


1. Last March, the boys at Father’s House who are involved with cultural drumming and dancing, performed and the local Independence Day festival to celebrate Ghana’s 60 years of Independence.

2. This past May, Father’s House’s first student graduated from Senior High School! Emmanuel was a neighbor who started receiving educational support from Father’s House several years ago. and was invited to move into the home, so that he could study later into the night since his family did not have electricity. He is the first member of his extended family to ever attend high school and this September he began college as a Computer Science major.

3. Father’s House currently has 15 full-time residents, and supports an additional 20 local children in the neighborhood

Additional Information

Miller and Garrett made it their life’s mission to create a safe and healthy environment where rescued children could learn and grow. Shortly after, seven acres of oceanfront land was donated to their cause, and they began construction. During construction, feeding and teaching gatherings garnered a weekly attendance of over 300. In 2009, construction was complete and Father’s House Ghana was born.

In 2011, 8 young boys were rescued from slavery, and became the first full-time residents of Father’s House. The boys came to to be known fondly as the “Great Eight,” and they still reside at Father’s House today.