Supporting Health Through Nutrition & Sanitation in Haiti

Themes: Public Health

Related GLA Programs: Haiti: Global Health Initiative™

Grant Recipient: 7 Elements

Haiti’s vibrant culture and warm Caribbean waters are second to none; however, the country remains best known as one of the most economically impoverished places in the West. Government services such as education and health care are simply not accessible to many Haitians.

7 Elements is working to improve conditions in these communities through the implementation of sanitation infrastructure, including clean water delivery and latrines; vitamin distribution and malnutrition outreach programs are also in place, as volunteers supply children and expectant mothers with nutritional supplements crucial to a healthy life.




1. Haiti is a country that struggles with severe poverty extreme poverty; nearly 60% of the population lives below the poverty line.

2. 7 Elements has worked within Haitian communities on a number of projects, including strengthening almost non-existent housing infrastructure, promoting clean water through water filter distribution, and constructing latrines.

3. Current projects focus on fighting malnutrition and increasing access to medical care; 1 in 5 Haitian children are malnourished, and 1 in 10 are severely malnourished.

Additional Information

7 Elements partners with community leaders in Haiti, who have identified the endemic lack of healthcare and education access as the primary obstacles in the communities in which they work. Based just outside of Cap-Haïtien, a large tourist port on the North Coast of Haiti, projects are in Blue Hill, Limonade, and Louis. 7E is currently working to support the local infrastructure by purchasing medicines and providing logistical support to local doctors participating in medical brigades. They have also begun work on a vocational school to further skill development, which will in turn lead to employment opportunities. Volunteers work side by side with Haitians to achieve real change. Their impacts will improve the community’s health and will lead the way to future projects in the region.