Supporting Sacred Valley Indigenous Communities

Themes: Children & Community Development

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Grant Recipient: Amistad Sagrada

Amistad Sagrada is a small NGO that has served the village of Pisaq, Peru for the past decade. Their mission? To serve the indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley by providing support in the areas of cultural renovation, enhanced health, self esteem, opportunity, and positive living. Amistad Sagrada supports three schools, a weaving cooperative, and projects in mountain communities. Donations go toward projects that benefit children and youth of the indigenous mountain community of Pampallacta; specifically, to the completion the round adobe schoolhouse that was begun by two groups of GLA volunteers in the summer of 2019.

Additional Information

From our partner:

"Our project is on a 500 square meter piece of land. A collaboration between the community and our organization, Amistad Sagrada. GLA was the key to reactivate this dormant project. Due to their fantastic work and initial funding, we have made amazing progress on the construction of a schoolhouse.

However, it is currently only half completed, and the rains are coming soon. This is of great concern to us and the community. Donations will all go toward the completion the round adobe schoolhouse that was begun by two groups of GLA volunteers in the summer of 2019. Once completed, any leftover funds will go toward art supplies, musical instruments, weaving supplies, building a solar shower and communal oven/

This will be a place where the children can vastly expand their learning, creativity, and opportunities. Where the elders can teach the children their ancestral wisdom. A place where their art, music, seeds, songs, traditions, medicines and more can be gathered in one place.

Our vision is to replicate this project throughout the 12 mountain communities of Pisaq, and in the process, train some of the youth in each community in the skill sets needed. Then later this group of trained youth will go out to further, poorer, rural mountain communities of the Sacred Valley.

This project, over the years ahead, could profoundly impact thousands of indigenous families in incredibly positive ways."