Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, many GLA Partners and their communities find themselves struggling. All GLA travel programs operate in collaboration with local partners; community leaders, organizations and individuals. As a result of COVID-19, not only have GLA programs been suspended, but also community-led initiatives have been postponed due to health risks. Our global network has been impacted by not only the global crisis, but also the lack of support that our volunteers bring to help push along their initiatives.

While GLA programs focus on sustainable projects alongside community members through development and support of local leaders and community-led initiatives, the economic impact of losing visitors is real. Everyone from the local shop owner to the bus driver to the school children and rescued elephants feel the impacts of our student’s physical absence.

We’ve set up this fund as an outlet for anyone who wishes to financially support our partners during this emergency period. Your crucial support to this Community Relief Fund, in the form of a donation of any amount, can make a big difference for our many partner organizations around the world.


The Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that will manage the fund, dispersing small grants to partners in need of financial relief. An application, vetting and approval process will ensure funds are used responsibly. We will share details with donors of how the funds were distributed as soon as possible.

If you prefer to donate to a specific project fund, you can donate to a specific cause here. However, not all partners are listed on this project page due to limitations for partners without a formal non-profit organization established.

This emergency fund aims to provide a charitable solution to all types of organizations and individuals supporting important community led initiatives around the world.

GLA covers all overhead costs, 100% of every donation to our Foundation goes directly to support program partners and their communities around the world. A donation receipt will be provided upon payment for your tax purposes.