Community Partner Fund

The Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation supports orgs that make a difference

Thousands of high school students have traveled with Global Leadership Adventures since its founding.

Along the way, our alumni have worked side-by-side with our exceptional local partners on the ground, and supported the efforts of the organizations they lead.

At GLA, we believe our alumni are the cornerstone of our organization’s mission statement. To inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and our role in it. We also believe that our local community partners are the bedrock on which meaningful, community-led service projects come to fruition and remain sustainable for years to come.

Our alumni have gone on to found non-profits, do incredible work in their hometowns and around the world, and even return to the communities abroad that first hosted them to continue giving back in partnership with local leaders.

Our alumni and their families have also reached out to us, time and again, asking for ways to more directly contribute to the projects they worked on and local organizations they partnered with during their time on their GLA program.

This way, even long after our alumni have left their host communities, they can continue to make a direct impact on the ground.

We’re proud of our model of partnering with communities on sustainable service projects, making sure it’s the community’s voice and vision for success that’s central to our time there. And we know our alumni chose GLA because we value our direct collaboration with local partners, and our international staff who back this approach day-in, day-out, 100%. We intentionally aren’t voluntourists. We’re learners. We’re out there learning, always.

For our alumni like you, or those who are just passionate about supporting these incredible partner organizations in communities around the world, we thank you.

Our longstanding personal relationships in every community that we travel to, and the continued commitment of our alumni, make the Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation. the organization it is today.

Any donation you can make on behalf of the Community Partner Fund is appreciated. Because GLA covers all overhead costs, 100% of every donation to our Foundation goes directly to important development work happening around the world.

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By donating now, you are being the change you wish to see in the world.


of program participants, after completion of their GLA service-learning program, said they now interact with people from other cultures with empathy and humility


of program participants, after completion of their GLA service-learning program, said they consider the relationships formed during their GLA experiences “significant” in their lives


of program participants, after completion of their GLA service-learning program, said they now understand general concepts of conducting a service project in a foreign location