Hear directly from students (and their parents) about their experiences and their impact

Below, we’ve compiled some of the incredible testimonials and feedback we’ve received from students who have attended our programs, as well as parents who noticed an immediate impact on their student upon their return home.

“I loved all of the incredible staff. they made me feel safe and cared for. Each of them made an exceptional effort to build relationships with students, regardless of language or background. Every staff member seemed genuinely happy to spend time with us without feeling like a camp counselor. even the local staff! All of the Mentors were so knowledgeable and eager to help.”

Elliot came home beaming yesterday. He loved the program, teachers, excursions, the food, the immersion and the group of students. He was thrilled with the experience, and so are we. Our other son had a fantastic experience with GLA last summer, so we cannot say enough good things about GLA.

I had an incredible experience! I’ve been able to reflect about the trip since I’ve been home, and it was honestly such a great opportunity to learn about others in a new way. Thanks so much for your help during the preparation process! As I am now applying to college, I would like to include information about my GLA trip in essays and on my resume. I can’t wait to share this amazing experience with colleges.

Lauren had a wonderful experience that hit notes of her empathetic self, which made us grateful! We are anxious to learn all that she promised to share with all of us, her photographs, and more stories. She enjoyed the camaraderie with her fellow GLA students and staff. Lauren was driven by your exercise of deeply thinking about the change that can happen in our communities. Her experience was really with Peru’s people, their land, and their animals. What a gift to hear that her days were filled with what matters most!

From this experience I have learned many things about myself and about others. I learned how to listen to others people’s opinions and understand them even if they are the complete opposite of mine. I think I improved my abilities of being a leader in a group setting and learned that speaking my voice is important. I also learned about a whole new culture.

This experience has taught me how to navigate in a community that is unlike my own and in doing so has helped me strengthen my patience and teach me how to be a better communicator and student. After getting to listen to guest speakers and interacting with the other students, I want to go home and make a difference like I believe I’ve done here. The people I’ve met during this trip have pushed me to want to be a better person and leader.

I have grown more than I ever have in my whole life. I am two months away from being a legal adult, and without the service projects, I would not have reached a level of maturity this high before that milestone. It wasn’t only about teaching the children and re-doing their classroom floor. It was about the love and appreciation I had while doing it. It was about the relationships I have fostered in the two weeks I have spend here. It was about how I created something so lasting for them and they had created something so lasting for me. Timelessness is a beautiful gift, and the willingness to create that is even more beautiful of a gift.