Travel & Service

A partnership between AFAR Media and the Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation

Students from Learning AFAR will receive scholarships to participate in GLA travel and service-learning programs as part of the mission of the GLA International Foundation.

GLA has been recognized as a leader in international volunteer efforts for high school students and service-learning programs driven by community-led engagement.

Students on Global Leadership Adventures teen travel and volunteer programs:

  • Choose a destination from dozens of program offerings throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States
  • Develop their passion for an area of interest, through program themes such as Public Health & Medicine, Community Development, Children & Education, Environmental Stewardship and more
  • Participate in a meaningful community service project developed in partnership with local community leaders in the program’s host country
  • Develop thoughtful, respectful cultural ties and understanding through hands-on, immersive learning
  • Go on adventure excursions that allow them to step outside their comfort zone and test their own grit and determination
  • Learn their personal leadership style, through GLA’s proprietary leadership curriculum that acknowledges leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities
  • Bring “the change” back to their home community upon returning from their program