The Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation provides grant-based scholarships that allow students who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in service-learning travel programs.

Through GLAIF’s partnership with AFAR Media, we are able to facilitate the operations of new experiential learning programs through Global Leadership Adventures for students who receive these grants and cover all expenses to ensure as many teens as possible can attend.

Students from Learning AFAR will receive scholarships to participate in GLA travel and service-learning programs as part of the mission of the GLA International Foundation.

The Foundation is also a year-round channel for direct action to support the community led initiatives our students become passionately involved in each spring break and summer.

The mission of the GLA International Foundation is to support grassroots organizations engaged in meaningful community or conservation projects overseas, and to make grants available to students of diverse backgrounds to participate in Global Leadership Adventures service-learning programs abroad.


We are honored and touched by your generosity. Thank you!

You can make a check out to GLAIF for Learning AFAR and mail your check with postage to:

GLA International Foundation
c/o Learning AFAR
10509 San Diego Mission Rd. Ste. S
San Diego, CA 92108


GLA has been recognized as a leader in international volunteer efforts for high school students and service-learning programs driven by community-led engagement.

Students on GLA spring break and summer programs:

>> Choose a destination from dozens of program offerings throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States

>> Develop their passion for an area of interest, through program themes such as Public Health & Medicine, Community Development, Children & Education, Environmental Stewardship and more

>> Participate in a meaningful community service project developed in partnership with local community leaders in the program’s host country

>> Develop thoughtful, respectful cultural ties and understanding through hands-on, immersive learning

>> Go on adventure excursions that allow them to step outside their comfort zone and test their own grit and determination

>> Learn their personal leadership style, through GLA’s proprietary leadership curriculum that acknowledges leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities

>> Bring “the change” back to their home community upon returning from their program


The journey of Global Leadership Adventures is rooted in extraordinary impact.

GLA Founder Fred Swaniker, a Ghana native, TED fellow and entrepreneur from Stanford University, dreamed of building a high school in Africa intentionally designed to grow the continent’s future leaders, no matter the student’s income or country of origin. Fred knew that the key to individual and community success was not leading young people along a set path, but allowing them to define their own path.

After joining forces with Peter Mombaur and Chris Bradford, Fred’s dream was brought to life with the development of the African Leadership Academy, a transforational pan-African, non-profit high school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Academy’s success was immediate and profound. With a diverse group of peers from across the African continent, students were immersed in leadership development and began to truly believe they held the power to change the world around them.

As a way to expand the reach of ALA’s successful curriculum, Fred, Peter and Chris designed and built a summer program, this time welcoming students from around the world. This was the seed that eventually grew into Global Leadership Adventures.

GLA built a global team of experts in 2006 with the hiring of Andrew Motiwalla, who joined the team as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, as well as a background in operating global service-learning projects and developing experiential education programs. Values central to the Peace Corps – immersive experience, sustainability and working side-by- side with local communities – were infused into GLA’s program design early on. They continue to be the building blocks for its many programs that run around the world each spring and summer.

In recognition of his incredible achievements, Fred Swaniker was named a 2019 AFAR Vanguard honoree, and he was also honored by Time Magazine as one of its 100 Most Influential People of 2019.


Thanks for being such a strong supporter of service-learning and travel opportunities for young people who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend.

You can make a check out to GLAIF for Learning AFAR and mail your check with postage to:

GLA International Foundation
c/o Learning AFAR
10509 San Diego Mission Rd. Ste. S
San Diego, CA 92108